What is the C4 Mapping Project?

The Claiborne Corridor Cultural Collaborative (C4) Mapping Project is a project of the City of New Orleans Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy and funded by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Our Town grant. The City will use this grant to evaluate “creative place-making” in neighborhoods along Claiborne Avenue, from Parish line to Parish line. (Click the map above to get a better view of the study area.)

The C4 Mapping Project will focus on the Corridor’s local cultural assets, and will identify and engage with the City’s culture-makers, including formal organizations, traditional practitioners, and other independent cultural producers. The C4 Mapping Project will bring together many types of information for the first time to help the City deploy its resources to better support and enhance the places where we live, work, and practice.

The C4 Mapping Project will identify cultural practices and organizations, performance spaces, krewes and social clubs, artist studios, farmer’s and art markets, restaurants, parade routes, live music venues, and many more cultural assets. The C4 Mapping Project will also include locations of churches and local schools, special zoning districts, neighborhood boundaries, roads and highways, green spaces, incentive zones, public transportation routes, and additional helpful information along the Corridor.

We need your help to complete the cultural asset map and ensure that the project produces the most comprehensive and effective tool possible.  If you are either an individual, business, non-profit, or other institution that is involved in cultural activities in the study area, please fill out the online survey!  Note: the project will not map your specific home, studio, business or other address or property lines.  Businesses that advertise, such as art galleries and restaurants, will be specifically mapped for the project from publically available resources.